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Vertical Plate Freezers

For fast freezing in bulk on land or at sea. Freezing into blocks is an effective, economical method of preserving, handling, transporting and storing perishable products.

The Vertical Plate Freezer bulk freezes in one easy operation. Ideal for block freezing whole fish, fillets, animal by-products, bulk fruits and vegetables, all systems are fully adaptable for freezing liquids.

Products are simply placed or poured into vertical pockets between aluminium freezing plates. After freezing, the blocks can be unloaded by mechanical means onto a conveyor system or palletiser or manually straight onto pallets. Within minutes the cycle can begin again.

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Standard Vertical Suppliers

Manufactured with 20, 25, 26,30, or 32 Station, the Standard Vertical Plate Freezer produces blocks of 100 mm, 75 mm or 50 mm thickness. With plate arrangements to suit both European, and Russian standard block sizes.

Flowmaster Suppliers

A variation of the Standard Vertical, the Flowmaster can incorporate a hydraulic discharge mechanism to allow blocks to be removed Automatically or can be designed to suit fully mechanical unloading system to suit the requirements of your operation and facility lay out.

Block size and thickness to suit as per the standard range of vertical plate freezers

Automatic discharge and mechanism alleviates the need for manual unloading and increases the efficiency of what can be a labour intensive process.

Vertical Bottom Discharge Suppliers

The Vertical Bottom Discharge Plate Freezer is ideal for high capacity bulk freezing of fish, Meat Solids MRM, MDM, animal offal and fruits. A freezer system consisting of a multiple of VBD units and palletiser eliminates all manual handling of frozen blocks. A typical system using four freezers, and two operators could process in excess of 90 tonnes of product per day.

Semi-Automatic Stacking System

Unloading device controlled by forklift or overhead crane. Unloading the plate freezer blocks in horizontal tilt able jig. Stacking blocks from tilt able jog to pallet with forklift. Low- cost system for smaller plants. Easy to operate. Required little floor space.

Hybrid Vertical Plate Freezer Suppliers

Hybrid Vertical Plate Freezer SuppliersHybrid stainless steel vertical plate freezer
The hybrid stainless steel open section vertical plate freezer, has been designed with hygiene in mind, allowing for easy cleaning and eliminating product contact with a galvanised steel framework. The frame is 304 grade stainless steel.

All fixings and fittings are stainless steel, so daily washing and cleaning is not an issue. The hybrid plate freezer is suitable for all standard options and station sizes.

Fluidmaster Suppliers

The Fluidmaster is designed for economic block freezing of liquid products such as blood plasma, high liquid content or water based solids, fruit juices and fruit pulps. The design is based around the standard model, but liquid products can be pumped into and frozen in this model with the minimum of drip loss.

Full-Automatic Stacking System

All blocks are lifted from plate freezer with hydraulic controlled unloading device. The unloading device is mounted on an overhead crane that moves the blocks to the jig. The blocks are placed into the jig. The robot is picking the blocks from the jig and stacking the blocks criss-cross on a pallet. The pallet is automatically fed into the robot cell. The ready pallet is fed out from stacking when ready.

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