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Commercial Freezing Systems

Jackstone Commercial Freezing And Conveying Systems, have been developed over 80+ Years, to suit a wide ranges of produce and output capacity requirements. 

Our freezing systems are capable of freezing & chilling a wide spectrum of food to non-food based products. We can detail design our standard range of freezing equipment to specifically suit your products, our expert engineers will oversee the process of design and installation.

Allow us to help you select the perfect freezer for your products, please use our  to detail your product specifications, and we will calculate the ideal machine to meet your output requirements. by-products, bulk fruits and vegetables, all systems are fully adaptable for freezing liquids.

Products are simply placed or poured into vertical pockets between aluminium freezing plates. After freezing, the blocks can be unloaded by mechanical means onto a conveyor system or palletiser or manually straight onto pallets. Within minutes the cycle can begin again.

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Vertical Plate Freezer

For fast freezing in bulk on land or at sea. Freezing into blocks is an effective, economical method of preserving, handling, transporting and storing perishable products.

The Vertical Plate Freezer bulk freezes in one easy operation. Ideal for block freezing whole fish, fillets, animal by-products, bulk fruits and vegetables, all systems are fully adaptable for freezing liquids.

Spiral Freezers / Gyro Freezers

Spiral Freezer by Jackstone Freezing Systems
Jackstone Spiral Freezers (also known as Gyro Freezers) are a range of multi-purpose units for the freezing or chilling of naked, in-tray, or wrapped products rapidly and safely. Engineered for high output and low space requirements, the systems utilize a continuous horizontal air flow over and around the moving helical belt. The cooling action is efficient, yet gentle, thus safeguarding the quality of the products.

IQF – Individual Quick Freezing

DCF 1.0

Our compact design IQF freezer is suitable for the freezing and chilling of short and medium retention time loose products such as shrimps, fruits & vegetables. The layout is individual to our customer’s requirements, it is of modular construction. A typical IQF freezer is capable of freezing in excess of 10 tonnes of peas per hour.

Wax Slabbing

The purpose to furnish an automatic wax moulding system to receive liquid wax, deposit the wax at uniform weight into traveling silicon glazed stainless steel pans.

The pans are installed six wide across the conveyor width and driven by chains at either side through the system, which cools and solidify the wax as the pans travel through a low temperature air circulation zone, where heat is removed by refrigeration and than automatically delivers wax slabs to the discharge conveyor.

Horizontal Plate Freezer

The Horizontal Contact Plate Freezer is very effective in block freezing and preserving portioned food products whilst providing easier handling when unloading and loading, transportation & storage. It is ideal for freezing in Trays, Cartons and Frames.

Boxafreeze Carton Freezer

Boxafreeze Installation by Jackstone Freezing Systems

For chilling & freezing of packaged products. This high performance freezer, has a robust design, made from high quality hot dip galvanised steel. A typical Boxafreeze model is capable of freezing an average of 6 tonnes of product per hour.

Inline Tunnel

The Inline can be used as a Freezer, Chiller or Conveyor, ideal for seafood, fruits, vegetables, meat, bread & pastries. The Jackstone Inline Freezer is our simplest, straight through design, with custom made belt widths & lengths depending on your product & line requirements. The belts are at a convenient working height for your workforce.

Crust Hardening Conveyor

Crust Hardening Conveyor by Jackstone Freezing Systems

The crust harder conveyor is used for crust hardening the outer skin of products to a depth of approximately 2-3mm
This type of freezer is available in range of models demanded by the frozen food industry. This type of freezer is suitable for crust hardening fish fillets, fish, chicken, pork, beef joints. The freezing process is accomplished by direct contact between the product, belt and plates.

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