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Crust Hardening Conveyor

The crust harder conveyor is used for crust hardening the outer skin of products to a depth of approximately 2-3mm
This type of freezer is available in range of models demanded by the frozen food industry. This type of freezer is suitable for crust hardening fish fillets, fish, chicken, pork, beef joints.

The freezing process is accomplished by direct contact between the product, belt and plates.

The conveyor frame is of stainless steel construction, the belt will travel along an aluminium plank length giving a bed length to suit required throughputs. The conveyor will be complete with 20mm thick UHMW Polyethylene insulation sheets on the underside. The belt return path is supported by stainless steel shafts & rollers.

The belt will be driven by gearbox and motor, which would be inverter controlled for speed adjustment, the conveyor would be complete with motor isolator, emergency stops at each end of conveyor.

The conveyor can be supplied fully assembled or in sections depending on access at installation site.

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