Jackstone Spiral Freezers

Twin Drum Spiral installed in Mexico for 12,000 Litres of Ice Cream per Hour

Jackstone Spiral Freezers

Freezing, chilling and conveying equipment supplier. Spiral Freezer Manufacturers.

Jackstone have been supplying food industry with spiral freezers for more than 30 years

A range of multi-purpose units for the freezing or chilling of naked, in-tray, or wrapped products rapidly and safely. Engineered for high output and low space requirements, the systems utilize a continuous horizontal air flow over and around the moving helical belt. The cooling action is efficient, yet gentle, thus safeguarding the quality of the products.

Ideal for chilling & freezing of medium retention time products, such as formed meats, meals in trays, fried & coated meat, potato products, ice cream etc.

All products, 250kg/hr minimum, current models exceed 5,000kg/hr, continuous production.

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Spiral Advantages

  • Delta Airflow for high thermal efficiency.
  • R717 or 404a refrigeration.
  • Easily cleaned & defrosted.
  • Low-level infeed and outfeed and a small footprint
  • Control panel is finished in stainless steel.
  • An in-place cleaning system, this too in stainless steel, is available

Three variations of the standard Spiral are available:

Site Assembled Models

  • Twin Drum which consists of two drums and one continuous belt, for larger throughputs.
  • Single Drum which houses one drum only.
Jackstone Spiral Freezers

Ready Made Unit

Packaged Spiral - a small unit supplied complete from factory and needs only to be connected to the refrigeration unit on site.

Ready Made Unit

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Spiral Freezer Belt Configurations

With four Spiral Freezer belt configurations to choose from, you can find the best solution for your product line needs.

Spiral Freezer Belt Configurations

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