Horizontal Plate Freezers Supplies

Horizontal Plate Freezers Supplies

Freezing, chilling and conveying equipment supplier.

The Horizontal Contact Plate Freezer is very effective in block freezing and preserving portioned food products whilst providing easier handling when unloading and loading, transportation & storage. It is ideal for freezing in Trays, Cartons and Frames.

The product is placed into trays or freezing frames and these are slid between the freezing plates. After freezing, the trays are unloaded and the frozen blocks, flat and uniformly frozen are easily packaged or stacked & stored.

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Standard Horizontal Plate Freezer Suppliers

Available in a comprehensive range of sizes which permit a wide choice of capacity and package dimensions and can be installed single unit, or as a multiple bank of freezers.

  • Variable number of freezing stations, from 3 to 20, to suit a wide range of through puts and freezing times. From 100 to 2500Kg
  • Aluminium Plate Sections Single and Multi-Pass technology 19mm, 23mm, 25mm.
  • Fully enclosed in insulated Food Safe Cabinet to maximise operational efficiency
  • Designed to fit in limited space requirements.
Standard Horizontal Plate Freezer Suppliers

Easyloader: Horizontal Plate Freezer

The Easyloader incorporates additional hydraulic cylinders and framework in its design. This unique design allows each freezing station to be presented in sequence at a convenient and comfortable height for loading and unloading the freezer. The system offers many advantages, not least of which is the reduced physical effort demanded from the operator.

Speedfreeze: Packaged Horizontal Plate Freezer

  • Three versions meet the demand for small capacity plate freezing. Each unit combines the economy of bulk freezing with simple handling, it is easily moved and ideal for the smaller processor.
  • The unit consist of a horizontal plate freezer with a water cooled refrigeration unit built into a compartment beneath the freezing cabinet.

Marine: Horizontal Plate Freezer

The Marine Horizontal Plate Freezer is widely used on freezer trawlers, and various features are available to meet the rigorous requirements of this harsh environment.

The provision of twin hydraulic cylinders reduces the overall height of the freezer enabling it to satisfy the low headroom requirements of many vessels.

Ant-roll bars, designed to retain freezing trays or frames in the freezing stations when the plates are open, allow the freezer to be safely loaded and unloading in the roughest of sea conditions.

Bolted Frame Assembly designed for Re-Fit of Vessels where entry space is restricted, the freezer comes in a kit form to build below deck.

If you are unsure which type of freezer suits better for your freezing requirements, please do not hesitate and call us to discuss it further.

Standard Horizontal Plate Freezer Options



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