Freezing, chilling and conveying equipment supplier.

Wax slabbing technology for refineries.

Supplier of fully automated systems.

Within our supply the following is included:

  • Pre-cooler
  • Wax moulding machine
  • Refrigeration plant
  • Fully automatic packing line

If prefered part supply is available.

Our systems offered have a slab accuracy of +/- 0.5% throughout our output range up to 6800kg per hour.

Spares and after sales service.

Food grade parafin machines.

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The purpose to furnish an automatic wax moulding system to receive liquid wax, deposit the wax at uniform weight into traveling silicon glazed stainless steel pans.

The pans are installed six wide across the conveyor width and driven by chains at either side through the system, which cools and solidify the wax as the pans travel through a low temperature air circulation zone, where heat is removed by refrigeration and than automatically delivers wax slabs to the discharge conveyor.


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